Ice Cream Day!

|Sweater: ROMWE |Boots: HUNTER | Jeans : ZARA (also love this one and this one) | Dresses: OLD NAVY 

Zasha’s shoes: Mini Melissa | Zaphy’s boots: DISNEY (old) Similar here |

My brain goes into pastel mode as soon as Spring comes around. Anything blush pink, lilac or turquoise please send it my way! Just picked up the girls from day care and they are watching the Wiggles on Netflix right now… while giving mama some time to blog. Our afternoon routine is pretty solid. I pick them up from day care and we come straight home for dinner. They are SOO hungry by this time and doing anything else is really not an option until they get to eat. I’m thinking when it gets a bit warmer I’ll bring along some sandwiches and take them to the park. Believe it or not they still have so much energy at this time! I usually have my afternoon coffee right after picking them up. Its my fail-proof way of getting me through DBB.. (Dinner, bath and bed time. ;)

We have been recovering from colds these past few days. Always knew babies in day care were more likely to get sick but geezz, didn’t know it was that often! And like a domino effect Z and I are the last ones to get it from them. But our colds didn’t stop us from stepping out over the long weekend to grab lunch and some ice cream. We had sea food (my fav) at the Captain’s Boil for the first time and it didn’t disappoint. And I know ice cream is so bad for you when you have a cold but for some reason this is the only time I actually crave it. Chocolate cheesecake and strawberry cheesecake are my favourite flavours in the wholee world. The weather was gorgeous over the long weekend so it definitely felt ice cream appropriate. Especially for my 3 year old wild child, monkey girl who refuses to wear sweaters or jackets when its sunny outside. She is such a winter Baby! Also please excuse the blurry, grainy pictures, pretty sure we had a camera fail that day and our SD card got full lol. Please remind me to get a new one!

Off to give these babes their bath and then bed time it is:)

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  1. Gorgeousness x 100000000

  2. Inna says: Reply

    Such a beautiful shooting of you three dear Daniela! Looks like you had a lot of fun =) #livethelittlethings and big Yayyy for ice cream ! Really applause for your dolls outfit – they are beyond cuteness and soon stylish!!! Have a lovely Saturday evening, kisses

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