Day At the Market

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One of my favourite places in the city is the St. Lawrence Market. I love everything about this place and the best part is that it’s only about a ten minute walk from our house! I love all the colourful fruits and vegetables they have on display, the yummy food and just the cozy feeling of browsing the market in the middle of winter while drinking hot cocoa. I’m actually drinking coffee here in these pictures because honestly I just need it to function like a normal human being…but the last time we were here we had breakfast and I had the most delicious hot cocoa! I used to be a hot chocolate kind of gal in my pre-baby days but those days of chocolatey-creamy goodness are way passed me. Since becoming a mom there are two words I cannot repeat enough “c.o.f.f.e.e.  p.l.e.a.s.e” (exclamation mark).

Our plan was to have breakfast there but I made Zaphora her cinnamon- raisin oatmeal that morning which I always make for her and Zarmand and I just ended up having oatmeal as well. It wasn’t until we were about to leave the house that we realized we had already had our breakfast. So we just got coffee on the way and had the most delicious cookies at the market. Zarmand always makes fun of me every time we get Starbucks because I once ordered a ” tall Turn-Pike” instead of a ” tall Pike Place”  -his Starbuck’s go-to… and of course he will never let me forget it, haha.

Zaphora was totally in love with this place, she ran around greeting everyone and it was so much fun just watching her point and name all the things she knew how to say. She was also obsessed with her kinder surprise toy which she got as a prize for sitting in the potty. So yea, we are officially potty training in the house and lets just say things get messy once in a while :) Anyway, on that lovely note.. if you got this far, thank you so much for reading this!

Lots of love,


Robe Jacket

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of posts! It sucks to go away for so long without doing what you love :( But I’m back! And today I wanted to share with you this look I quickly put together for a stroll around the lake with my family. When I say “quickly”, I really mean slip into this, (wide leg trousers) and hope it goes with that kinda – thing. Lazy hair in a bun for my “out the door now!” days and of course, can’t forget the statement necklace to look as if the whole look was planned out. But this long robe jacket takes all the credit for making me look put together. Don’t you just love pieces that you can layer on top of your clothes to make you look and feel outdoor ready?! I got this one from H&M as part of their Studio Collection, one of my favourite collections for their loungy-sleepwear looking pieces which you know are totally my jam! Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather these days, today was totally gorgeous in the Big T.O.

Lots of love!




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